The Great Theatre Pipe Organ of the Arlington.


Open Console

    Our next open console will be Saturday, 13 August 2016 from 9AM to 11AM.

    Open consoles are open to the public.  Bring your friends.  Tell your neighbors.   Come play the organ, or just listen.  Chamber tours will be conducted.

Enter the Arlington Theatre through the side door on the Sola Street side of the theatre nearest the rear of the building.  The door will be propped open.  This double door has stairs leading down to it. 

    Do not enter by the theatre back door near Sola street (a single door), which has a single stair step.  This door may be opened by the stage crew for their use.  It leads to the backstage, and we are not permitted in that area.

    We had a problem with a recent open console, which was greatly attended (thanks to a wonderful Santa Barbara News Press article).  Unfortunately, guests wandered outside the area of the organ console, principally backstage, the dressing rooms, the lobby, and the balcony.  This intrusion strained our relationship with the theatre.  If you attend the open console, please stay near the area of the organ console and theatre seats, or accompany an SBTOS member for a chamber tour.

    The Arlington Theatre is located at 1317 State Street between Victoria and Sola streets.


Our 4th CD is available.

    Scott Foppiano laid down tracks in the organ computer for a 4th CD when he was last here.  The audio recording was done late at night on 9 January 2014.

    As with our other CD's, the direct-to-digital audio recording was donated by True-Stereo Location Recording.  The photography, artwork,and CD production was donated by the SBTOS President , who is also the webmaster.

    Under the CD tab, you can hear snippets of some of the musical selections.

Front cover and insert front side                                                                        Insert back side

                                             CD face                                                                                                    Tray liner

3rd CD is still available.  Samples of the musical selection as well as the liner notes are available under the CD tab above.

    After the January 2011 concert, we planned on doing the audio recording for a 3rd Scott Foppiano CD.  The CD is delayed as Scott is suffering from a herniated disk.  This CD has tunes different than the standard Gershwin and Porter faire, and that work well with the theatre pipe organ, such as: Barry Manilow - I write the Songs, Overture from Pirates of Penzance, etc..  Scott really likes the Great Theatre Pipe Organ of the Arlington.  The recording took place on Saturday, 9 July starting at 11 PM and extending into the wee hours.  Scott's performance was excellent.  

    Both the CD's below are available at open consoles for $15.00, and by mail (includes postage and handling) for $20.00.  Send a check to: SBTOS, POB 1913, Goleta, CA  93116.

    The previous two Scott Foppiano CD's were Renaissance (now sold out), and Christmas at the Arlington (picture below and still available). 

    Christmas at the Arlington received a wonderful review in the November/December 2009 Theatre Organ Magazine.  The first paragraph sets the tone of this review: Scott Foppiano’s new holiday CD, Christmas at the Arlington, is a Christmas stocking full of holiday musical enjoyment.  Scott made this album on the great four manual, 27-rank Robert-Morton organ, most of which originally came from the Loew’s Jersey Theatre and is now installed in the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara, California. The instrument itself is a real barn-burner, as is this highly entertaining CD.


Overview of Arlington Theatre from the Balcony.  Main Chambers I and II are in the Spanish village on the left.  Solo Chamber is in the Spanish village on the right.  The percussion shelf is in back of tower at the left of the stage.  The organ rises on a lift from beneath the forestage.  The ceiling is semi-elliptical which is acoustically very kind to the organ.  The theatre seats 2017 people.  Photo courtesy of SBTOS member Tom Ginn.