The chambers are placed on the side walls of the theatre, entirely in the audience area (except for the unenclosed "percussion shelf" which is at procenium left).

There are two main chambers, Main 1 and Main 2 with Main 2 being the furthest back into the auditorium (about 1/3 of the length back). The swell shades open towards the rear of the auditorium, so the sound at the console is somewhat indirect.  The best acoustic are in rows M through S of the theatre.



Blower:25 HP Spencer Orgoblo

Tremulants: 14 (RM and Wurlitzer)

Reservoirs: 16 (RM and Wurlitzer)

Stops and Controls: 440

Relay: Devtronix Multi-Action

Pipe Count: Solo - 925 pipes, Main - 1071, Total: 1996

- The blower is located in the back of the auditorium, and there is 435’ of windline to the chambers.